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Performances of rhythm and movement sessions 

להזמנת הפעלה/מופע לפורים

The Bangura band upgrades every Purim event to an unforgettable one, a stormy experience of good and joyful energy:

A spectacular frontal show by the Bangura band - a colorful and energetic show,   Drummers and dancers, professional choreography, engaging the audience in Israeli and African songs.

  • Drum procession and dance in Adelaide - professional drummers and dancers will turn the street into a carnival!

  • A lively carnival street show with spectacular costumes - fine drummers and professional dancers in an energetic and exciting street show.

  • A circle of drummers and an experiential and joyful dance - we will come everywhere with drums for all of you.

  • A lively street parade with performances - including colorful and elaborate costumes

  • Sessions and audience participation in drumming and dancing - at the end of the show you can combine a drumming workshop with the songs of Palestine. Dance under the guidance of a dancer to the rhythm of the live drums.

  • A breakout show for a party or event with changing costumes and drums at a dizzying pace - do you have a party? The Bangura band - drummers and dancers will enter the event in several coordinated bursts, each time a different dance and different costumes. will inspire the audience to dance and raise the energy and joy.

  • Interactive and immersive shows - with colorful costumes, to the rhythm of the live drums

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