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A drumming and dancing show for institutions and organizations

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The Bangora band has a unique repertoire of story shows accompanied by drumming and dancing for educational institutions, organizations, associations, pensioners' clubs, sheltered housing, institutions for people with disabilities, special education institutions,
Settlements and kibbutzim, kindergartens, elementary schools, city libraries, middle schools, colleges, universities and more.
With the approval and recommendation of "Culture for the Periphery", "Cultural basket - additional supply", "Choreographers Association" and "Israel Artists Organization".

Interactive story shows

Kito the drummer
For children 3-5
A story of the life of a boy in Africa who wants to play drums despite his parents' opposition and creates a drumming band with his friends.

Quito the Wandering Drummer
For children 5-7
The continuation of the story of Kito who wandered along with his group of friends as a band of drummers, the adventures of the road, the moral at the end.

the magic drum
For children 7-10
The story of a girl who wanted to drum in a world where the women dance and the men drum and after many struggles against all the people of the tribe she won the title of drummer.

The enchanted balaphone
For children 10-16
The story of the African ballet "Heritage", a story about ancient kings in Africa. Political struggles, enchanted musical instruments, and music that complements nations,

The honor of the kings
For children - 16 and older and adults
The story of the Queen of Sheba who came to King Solomon to learn wisdom and gave birth to a son who after many days returned to Jerusalem to meet his father and took the Ark of the Covenant and returned with it to Ethiopia, is based on Kebra Negest, the ancient epic of the Ethiopians.

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