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Training dancers and drummers to study African dance

Training dancers and drummers to study African dance

Registration for the next academic year which will begin in September 2023
There will be an open day prior to the opening of the course on August 28 for more details and registration for the open day

Morning class - every Thursday until July except for holidays

Between the hours: 10:00 - 14:00
Evening class - every Monday until the month of July except for holidays

Between the hours: 18.00-21.00

Location: Beit Bangura, 44 Moshav St., Karkur
More details and registration: Rachel Bangura 054-5715489

Experience and learning once a week throughout the year, under the guidance of Savola Bangura - West African master, director and vocalist of the Bangura band, Rachel Bangura - the band's choreographer and African drumming and dance teacher, Michal Israelstem - the African dance instructor.


About the studies:

The study is carried out in a common language of dancers and drummers, and presents the contents of African ballet in the academic method. The exercises include an African ballet technique based on a deep understanding of the rhythmic polyrhythmic structure. In this way, the students improve their personal and unique application ability, based on a comprehensive understanding of the origins of the rhythm and its characteristics.

The course is suitable for a wide range of volunteers in the field of performing arts, including dancers, drummers, movement and music therapists, choreographers, teachers, actors and acting students. The goal is to acquire basic knowledge of the professional language, recognition of the different rhythms, and the ability to move and create with originality and style.

Completion of the course gives the students advanced dancer abilities, and gives inspiration and a new spirit for creation and creativity in the field. Studying also provides health benefits such as improving physical fitness, the ability to communicate with the body and spirit, and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

daily system

10:00 -12:00 African dance

12.00-12.30 lunch break

12.30-14.00 Drumming, African singing and enrichment classes such as trans dance (calling dance), Feldenkrais, African art and more

  • At the end of the year, a certificate will be awarded with the number of study hours

  • During the year, each student will perform about 3 performances in productions prepared by the school, in addition to the final show.

  • Outstanding students will be able to participate in the performances of the Bangora band!

  • Entrepreneurial and talented students will be able to work with the Bangura band in workshops and shows and get paid!

The studio
A 100 square meter air-conditioned studio that includes a small stage and a parquet floor, mirrors and a sound system. The studio is located in a green rural complex with shaded seating areas.

Tuition cost:
Dance or drumming course - cost for a single lesson or partial payment - 120 NIS per lesson,

1,200 NIS for 12 lessons. Paid in advance every three months by bank transfer to the order of the Choreographers Association,

For those who pay a full year in advance - an additional 10% discount will be given

A full day of study (both dance and drumming) - 2400 NIS (for 12 days of study). Paid in advance every three months by bank transfer to the order of the Choreographers Association and in addition a 10% discount

  • An absence that was not agreed upon in advance will not be able to credit the student.

  • You can also pay by check for the entire year to the order of the "Choreographers Association"

We will be happy to be at your disposal and assist in the registration process: 054-5715489

May we have a year of fun, fruitful and creative activity!

Bangora College administrative and coaching staff

You are welcome to join us, register for the course
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