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Intensive spring course for African drumming and dance

Starts: 9.4.23
Course duration: 3 days
Study days and hours: 9, 10, 11.4

Between the hours : 10:00 - 14:00

Studio: Bangora Complex, 44 Moshav St., Karkur
More details and registration: Rachel Bangura 054-5715489

A professional course in African drumming and dance, 3 days of experience and learning, suitable for dancers and drummers at the beginner - intermediate or advanced level.
Guided by Sabola Bangura - West African master, director and vocalist of the Bangura band
And Rachel Bangura - the band's choreographer and African drumming teacher


The course's goal:

An opportunity for dancers and drummers to learn a correct rhythmic and movement language that will add a new color and style to the existing materials in their arsenal, a way to feel the precision in movement and rhythm and the relationship between them, and above all the endless joy and bursting power of the drum beats.

The course will allow those who want to join the professional track - second semester that starts immediately after Passover!

African dance is an excellent basis for learning dance such as: jazz, modern, contemporary, breakdancing, hip-hop and more, the African culture influenced by rhythms and movements and known for the deep connection between drumming and dancing, allows new ways to move to the rhythms of the drums. The African ballet, which combines drumming and African dance and theater pieces, has existed since 1954 in Guinea in Africa where it developed to international dimensions and today most dance schools in the world conduct courses on the subject.

About the course:
An in-depth study on the subject - African dance and drumming, the dance lessons will be led by Rachel Bangura to the live drum beat of Savola Bangura and the band's drummers panel,

The drumming lessons will be taught by Sobula Bangura,

Sabola Bangura - a West African master, previously played in the African ballet of Guinea Konkri, taught and worked with bands in West Africa for many years,

Currently musical director and vocalist of the band Bangura,

Rachel Bangura - choreographer and teacher of dance and drumming, organizer of the course and director of the band. Worked for many years in Europe and Israel with African bands, performed and taught.

Study subjects:

  • Drumming the rhythms on the Djemba drum and the dondon (bass drum)

  • Dance sequence of movements according to the nature of the rhythm, choreographies from the band's repertoire.

The duration of the course is 3 days and will include 4 hours of study each day

The studio
A 100 m2 air-conditioned studio that includes a small stage and a parquet floor, mirrors and a sound system. The studio is located in Pardes Hana - Karkur, in a rural and green complex

the cost of the course

700 NIS for the full course - 3 days of dancing and drumming
Discounted price for preliminaries to register for the full course 600 NIS

Price for one day 200 NIS

Price for one lesson at a cost of 120 NIS

A significant discount will be granted to the graduates of the spring course who wish to continue to the second semester - 15 study days until the end of July 2023

Want to participate in the course? Please fill in the details in the form and purchase what suits you - participation in the full course / full day / lesson

Payment: through the Israel Choreographers Association

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