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קורס קיץ אינטנסיב לריקוד ותיפוף אפריקאי

Intensive summer course for African dance and drumming

Starts: 7/30/23 to 8/3/23
Number of meetings: 5
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Between the hours : 10:00 - 14:00

Studio: Bangora Complex, 44 Moshav St., Karkur
More details and registration: Rachel Bangura 054-5715489

Summer course in African drumming and dance, 5 days of in-depth experience and learning
Suitable for dancers and drummers
Guided by Sabola Bangura - West African master, manager and vocalist of the Bangura band
And Rachel Bangura - the band's choreographer and African drumming teacher

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Course Objectives:

  • Introduction and experience in the African dance technique - drumming and dancing

  • Knowledge of African ballet techniques

  • Creating a personal language based on the studied material.

  • Acquiring basic knowledge of the professional language. Knowing the different rhythms and being able to move within and with them with perfect understanding

Study subjects:

  • Drumming the rhythms on the djembe drum and the dondon (bass drum)

  • A movement sequence dance that refers to each rhythm according to the characteristics corresponding to that rhythm

Daily study plan:
10:00 - 12:00 Dance class under the guidance of current and former dancers from the troupe, the list of teachers will be forwarded soon.
12:00 - 12:30 lunch break
12:30 - 14:00 Drumming with Rachel Bangura and Master Savola Bangura

Dance lesson instructors: (changes may occur)
30.7 Meli Mazal
31.7 Roni Shahar
1.8 Michal Israel just
2.8 Yael Sharoni
3.8 Rinat Langley

The studio
A 100 m2 air-conditioned studio that includes a small stage and a parquet floor, mirrors and a sound system. The studio is located in a green rural complex with shaded seating areas.

the cost of the course

For early registration - 950 NIS for the whole course. For early registration 850.00

You can register for one day or several days at a cost of 240 NIS per day, you can also register only for a dance lesson - 120 NIS per day / or only for a drumming lesson at a cost of 120 NIS per lesson.

הרשמה לקורס
You are invited to join us, register for the course
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